Monday, April 13, 2009

Before and After

Before and After

Learning all about Nintendo DS

I know it has been months.... what can I say. (Sadly, it took me 30 minutes to remember my password to log on to blogger. ) We have still not made it through all the doctors appointments necessary to coast with Aubrey. During routine physicals and blood work we discovered Aubrey's immunizations in China were ineffective. Either she never received them, or the lack of nutrition in China made it impossible for her body to assimilate antibodies. Irregardless, she is now being subjected to a fresh round of shots. Her doctor is now known as the " Boo Boo Doctor".

Aubrey at the Maritime Museum making an ice boat... the night before in Port Clinton the Coastguard had to rescue over a hundred ice fisherman.

Most of February was spent trying to get Aubrey healthy again. She caught the common cold, but since she had no HIB immunity it rapidly became epiglottitis. Fevers of 104.7 scared me enough to get her an appoitment with the doctor. Antibiotics and steriods were not enough to help, we ended up in the E.R. for a racemic epinephrine treatment, and dose of decadron( more powerful steroid). We also had to give Aubrey breathing treatments for a few days until the wheezing stopped. Poor little thing was a mess for 2 weeks with the whole fiasco.

High fevers, worst sore throat ever, but stylish with that purple polish

Recovered nicely

In the time since we brought home our little miracle, things have changed quite a bit. Aubrey now has some hair, not enough for a ponytail but maybe by summer. She loves the bathtub and even went swimming on our recent trip to Chinatown in Chicago. She loves Daisy, most of the time anyway. So far she has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 5 pounds, wow! No more egg diet... this girl will eat everything except carrots. Her favorites are popcorn, ice cream and pizza. I don't believe you can get anymore Americanized than that.

She ate the entire banana! Look at that Valentines dress.

Loving the bath!

Hugging Daisy

I've got some Hair!

We have really begun to settle into our new house. We are anxious for summer or just warmer weather. We seem to be stuck in the 40's and had more snow over Springbreak. The boys love to watch for the eagles on the marsh and yesterday counted 13 white cranes and 3 blue herons. Of course the swans, geese and ducks have been here all winter.

View of the back of our new house

Hard to see but there is a heron in the middle of the picture

Aubrey is my shadow. Whenever I tell the boys to come to dinner, or pick up after themselves...little miss bossy (Aubrey), standing with hands on hips, repeats the command until the task is accomplished. The tiny little waif has turned our worlds upside down, for the better and with love and time has turned into a confident, opinionated, and very determined 3 year old. I can see already she will take the backseat to no one.

Don't mess with me, I'm practicing.

Oh, all right...I'll smile for you Mom.

Coloring eggs for Easter

Aubrey caught on before we could even explain the tradition. She hid several plain eggs so she could have more to color than her brothers. The Easter Bunny was a huge hit. Aubrey loves jelly beans, but not Reeses Peanut Butter eggs. Darn...more for me and Dave:)

Same house, new furniture. Aubrey in Easter dress.

Egg Hunt, Shane has faith the grass will grow.

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